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AUG 24-25, 2024


Terry Klassen Q&ASAT 11AM - 11:45 AMSuite 4Join us for an exhilarating Q&A session with the legendary voice actor, Terry Klassen! From iconic roles in anime classics to memorable characters in the latest hits, Terry has left an indelible mark on the world of anime. Get ready to hear behind-the-scenes stories, voice acting tips, and discover the secrets behind bringing beloved characters to life. Don't miss this chance to meet the talented Terry Klassen and delve into the fascinating world of anime voice acting!
Itasha panelSAT 11AM - 11:45 AMSuite 3Rev up your engines and dive into the captivating world of Itasha car wrapping! Join us for an exciting panel as we explore the art of transforming ordinary cars into breathtaking anime masterpieces. Discover the techniques, inspiration, and passion that drive Itasha enthusiasts to personalize their vehicles with their favorite anime characters. From iconic series to niche gems, we'll showcase some of the most stunning Itasha creations. Whether you're a car enthusiast, an anime lover, or both, this panel is sure to ignite your imagination and leave you in awe of the fusion between anime and automotive culture!
Wayne Grayson Q&ASAT 12PM - 12:45 PMSuite 4Get ready to meet the voice behind some of your favorite anime characters! Join us for an unforgettable Q&A session with the talented Wayne Grayson. From iconic roles in classic anime series to recent fan-favorites, Wayne has lent his voice to a diverse range of characters that have captured our hearts. Discover the secrets of the voice acting industry, hear behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and learn what it takes to bring anime characters to life. Don't miss this chance to meet Wayne Grayson and delve into the world of anime voice acting!
Anime, Tattoos, and You!SAT 12PM - 12:45 PMSuite 3Love anime? Love tattoos? Then come join us as we answer your questions about tattoos and piercings, the process, and what you should know before getting your next piece!
Josh Martin & Chris Rager Q&ASAT 1PM - 1:45 PMSuite 4Prepare for a dynamic and entertaining Q&A session with the dynamic duo of anime, Josh Martin and Chris Rager! Join us as we bring together the voices behind some of the most memorable characters in anime history. From explosive action scenes to hilarious comedic moments, Josh and Chris have left an indelible mark on the industry. Get ready to hear their incredible stories, behind-the-scenes experiences, and hilarious anecdotes. Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to their work, this panel is a must-attend for all anime enthusiasts. Don't miss the chance to meet Josh Martin and Chris Rager and dive into the world of anime voice acting like never before!
Starlight Starlight's!SAT 1PM - 1:45 PMSuite 3Starlight Cafe presents Starlight Spotlight! Starlight Spotlight is a one if a kind talent showcase featuring live performances by your favorite maids and butlers from Starlight Maid and Butler Cafe! Singing, dancing, kawaii energy, and more will be seen at this festive affair suitable for all audiences!
Erica Schroeder Q&ASAT 2PM - 2:45 PMSuite 4Join us for an exclusive Q&A session with the talented voice actress Erica Schroeder! Known for her remarkable work in anime, including iconic roles such as Mai Valentine in Yu-Gi-Oh! and Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece, Erica will take the stage to share insights into her voice acting journey, experiences behind the microphone, and tales from the anime industry. Get ready to ask your burning questions and gain valuable insights from this anime legend!
Name that Toon!SAT 2PM - 2:45 PMSuite 3Do you know your Cartoon Tunes from Saturday Morning? Do you remember the animation classics from the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, PBS. Adult Swim and even Nickelodeon? Do you have excellent hearing and quick hands to name that toon in less than three seconds? Can and compete for prizes and find out if you have what it takes to become the name that tune champion. A buzzard system will be used. Prizes will be given out to the top three winners.
Help Make an Original Anime CharacterSAT 3PM - 3:45 PMSuite 4Come join our talented special guest judges as they take your suggestions to create an awesome new anime character. They will provide tips and tricks on how they would make this original character come to life in the cosplay world. Awesome direction from the talented Dessi-Desu about seamstress work. Skillful training by Batvonboo on makeup work. Wrapped up with masterful character skills of Benjamin Banks.
Karaoke with Digital DJs of Hampton Roads!SAT 3PM - 5PMSuite 3Come join us upstairs for a riveting two hours of karaoke hosted by DJ Chris Kepics of Digital DJs of Hampton Roads!
JoJo's Pose off!SAT 4PM - 5PMSuite 4Jojo fans unite! Let's have a pose off! Come on the stage and show us your best Jojos POSE! Judges, Timekeepers, and Scorers will be randomly selected from the audience. There will be prizes given out.
Itamae No Tatakai (Battle of the Sushi Chefs)SUN 12PM - 12:45 PMSuite 4Compete in a race to make MASSIVE plush sushi combinations. Head to head tournament until there is a final Master Sushi Chef! The winner will take home a sushi themed prize. 15 years and older may compete.
Sing-a-long Anime Themes!SUN 12PM - 12:45 PMSuite 3You know those anime openings you just can't skip? Come sing-a-long with the Cos-Slayers, as we listen to our favorite anime theme songs!
Ian James Corlett & Brian Drummond Q&ASUN 1PM - 1:45 PMSuite 4Calling all anime fans! Join us for an epic Q&A session with the dynamic duo of voice acting, Ian James Corlett and Brian Drummond! With a combined legacy of bringing beloved characters to life, they have been the voices behind some of anime's most iconic roles. From action-packed battles to heartfelt moments, their performances have touched the hearts of fans worldwide. Get ready to hear their experiences, insights, and humorous tales from the recording booth. Whether you're a long-time enthusiast or new to their work, this panel is your chance to meet these incredible talents and dive into the magical world of anime voice acting!
Intro to electronics in cosplaySUN 1PM - 1:45 PMSuite 3Do you want to take your cosplay to the next level but don't know where to start? Electronics are a great way to give a little more life to your projects and they're easier than you think to use!
"Skye Hoshi: Anime Girl" ScreeningSUN 2PM - 4PMSuite 4"Skye Hoshi: Anime Girl" Is a live action film about an anime character falling out of her poster and into our world. Will the help of lazy otaku Atom, she has to get back to her world before it's destroyed!
The Art of Paper Quilling SUN 2PM - 2:45 PMSuite 3Unleash your creativity and master the art of Paper Quilled Cherry Blossom Flowers in this hands-on workshop! Join us as we guide you step-by-step through the mesmerizing process of quilling delicate cherry blossom petals using colorful paper strips. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned crafter, this session is perfect for all skill levels. Learn the techniques, tips, and tricks to create your very own stunning cherry blossom masterpiece. Bring your imagination and join us for a fun-filled crafting adventure at the anime convention!
Origami Delights! Leap into Creativity with Frogs and Blossoms!SUN 3PM - 3:45 PMSuite 3Unfold the magic of paper folding at our Origami Delights Panel! Join us for a mesmerizing journey from beginner to intermediate origami crafting. Learn the art of precision as our origami artist guides you through the steps to craft an adorable frog, hopping with charm. Elevate your skills as you then venture into the realm of intricacy to create a graceful lotus flower, symbolizing beauty and growth. No prior origami experience needed. Paper will be provided. Let your imagination take flight as you transform simple sheets into delightful creatures and elegant blooms. Don't miss this opportunity to fold, craft, and connect with fellow origami enthusiasts. Unleash your creativity one fold at a time!